Graduation [Friday Fictioneers*]

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Launch date is finally here!



I am ready to move on.

Ready for the next stage.

Ready to taste life outside this campus.

Ready to make my mark on the world.



The celebration of human potential.

As I pass through the gate,

I suddenly find myself

blinking in the bright light,


“Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.”


(approx. 75 words)

Reference: “As You Like It”  (Act 2 Scene 7) by Wm. Shakespeare

 * “Friday Fictioneers” is a group, led up by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, 
where a photo prompt launches a 100 word story. 🙂


The Grief Hospital


Grief is a place with two  doors.
It is like a hospital for your soul.
A place to go in order to heal.


There is an IN door.
There is an OUT door.


It is never meant that you remain in
this acute stage for the rest of your life.

Anyone who is worth grieving for
would never, EVER, want you
to remain in the Grief Hospital
for the rest of your life.

They would appreciate being sorely missed.
Surely, they would love being remembered.


But after a respectable and adequate period of time,
don’t you believe that they would want you to
eventually leave the Grief Hospital?


To again bring fresh air deep into your lungs?
To feel the sun’s warmth on your upturned face?


To feel Grief’s tight bindings finally
loosen and, like a shroud, slip off and fall away?


To allow a smile to at least play
at the corners of your mouth again?


To indulge the cherished, happier memories
of life shared with your loved one?


Grief is a season of life.
It is not meant to be a way of life.


If you have a pulse,
you have a purpose…

Perhaps your purpose has become a bit neglected.
Perhaps you have a new purpose now.

So, if you think it might be time
to exchange Grief for grief,
give yourself permission
to check out of the Grief Hospital.
You can always return for a day of two if necessary.


Life is a gift to be cherished…

Morning Meditation [for Friday Fictioneers]

Well, here is my first attempt at any type of writing challenge…

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright - Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

Morning Meditation (~80 words)
Walking down my favorite path,
the fog occluding a masterpiece of a sunrise.
Thoughts turning to the One
whose mercies are new every morning,
and  whose faithfulness is great.
Note to self:  “Work on that ‘mercy’ thing.
Try being quicker to forgive.
Stay on the path and
keep the ‘fence’ in sight.
If you find yourself in a dark place,
the ‘fence’  will guide you on the way.”
Rounding the bend, the fog begins to lift…

Reference: Lamentations 3:21-23 (ISR) ” This I recall to my mind, therefore I wait:
22 The kindnesses of יהוה! For we have not been consumed, For His compassions have not ended.
23 They are new every morning, Great is Your trustworthiness.

* “Friday Fictioneers” is a group, led up by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, 

where a photo prompt launches a 100 word story.


Boots on the Ground




There’s a tension in the air,

but unbeliever’s cannot tell,

that  what’s coming can’t compare

to movie scenes of Hell.


They need to know your Savior,

before it is too late.

They need repentant behavior,

they don’t understand their fate.


We need boots on the ground,

we’re at  war, that’s a fact.

While they indulge their carnal man

the demons plan attacks.


That Satan, he draws down on them

and takes them one by one.

They often never see it coming,

’till all the damage has been done.


We need boots on the ground,

as darkness closes in,

it  strikes hard, without a sound,

through ignorance and love of sin.


Those of the world, they fail to see

they’re in the line of fire.

There’s no such thing as purgatory,

theirs souls Satan will acquire.


May God place on us a burden,

such that we can feel the weight

of His desire for every soul,

through Jesus, triumph over hate.


No matter if you’re short or tall,

I hope you realize:

There is a Holy Army,

and “God’s got boots your size”.



© 2014 Beth Viera

Combat Boots

photo ©

The Pledge of Allegiance (a paraphrase)

God Bless America, Land That I Love...

God Bless America, Land That I Love…

To the flag of the United States of America,

I pledge my allegiance.

To the Republic, for which it stands,
I pledge my allegiance.

We are one Nation.

Under God, we are Indivisible.
Under God, we have Liberty.
Under God, we have Justice for all.

(can I get an Amen…)

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Case for Christ


“”Case For Christ” follows reporter Lee Strobel as he interviews a number of religious and historical scholars in order to find out if there is any proof of the resurrection, and to discover the historical veracity of the New Testament.” (

This is well done. Beyond my expectations, and I don’t say that often. Enjoy!


Case for Christ


notice of posting –

Just a note to let you know of a poem I posted on my other blog, “thoughtboarding”. It is titled,Reading Your Mind, and addresses the frustration we can all sometimes experience in our communications with one another.  🙂
(It’s been sitting, finished in a folder since late last year. Here’s to one more loose end being taken care of.  😉 )