In the Sea of Grief

In the Sea of Grief

His Deep calls to your deep,

like the gentle pressure of the easy swells of the sea;

the Spirit of your Maker, rocking in unison with your own spirit.

The Comforter, in times such as these

making personal intercession with groanings

that communicate where human utterance is wholly inadequate.

If you are God’s own, the Comforter dwells within you.

Grief may rise up in you for a time, but it cannot fully overcome you.

Sorrow may press down on you for a season, but it cannot fully overwhelm you.

God’s promises are sure and they are true.

Standing firm for thousands of years,

they are eclipsed by nothing and no one.

Draw near to your Redeemer

and He will surely draw near to you.

Call upon His name and be saved in your distress.

Your sea is His to command:

“Peace be still”.

© Beth Viera ~ August 2012


Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

4 thoughts on “In the Sea of Grief

    • Thank you, Wendy. This was written in response to a recent death in the family. Happy you noticed the allusion to Mark 4:39.
      “And he arose , and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace , be still . And the wind ceased , and there was a great calm.”

  1. The flow of the spirit dances with such delight in the hearts of them who loved Him deeply, from the deepest parts of the heart, soul, and spirit! Those places that none can every enter and take away the treasure therein! Beautiful poem Beth!

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