Through Your Eyes



May Truth rise up

above the din,

and take its rightful place,


above the clamor 

and the strife 

that wears ol’ Evil’s face.


Help us discern

what is Your Truth

when voices start to rise.


In spirit, Father,

help us see

this matter

through Your Eyes.


© 2013  Beth A. Viera

*This prayer/poem came about upon learning of a little “back-and-forth” between two  groups in the national Christian community, which grieved me.

Evening Draws Nigh…

Evening draws nigh
and I take pause to examine my heart
before the Most High.

What did I do?
What did I say?
Did I fully reflect my Messiah today?

I need to be sure
to identify sin,
not giving it place
to take root again.

Oh, so widely and deeply
I have been forgiven
I will never be worthy
and by this, I’m driven.

I am yet a sinner,
but no more by intent.
Felt ‘that stirring‘ within
and chose to repent.

It is just not enough
to say “I believe”,
then live my own way
and expect a reprieve.

I tried it my way
and found serious trouble
my personal will
brought a mountain of rubble.

So these days
no longer against God do I strive.
and I’m finally having
the true time of my life.

Copyright © 2012 Beth Viera

Revelation 12, Astral Prophecy and the Birth of the Messiah on Sept. 11, 3 BC?

Dr. Heiser explores Revelation 12, astral prophecy and the potential birth of Jesus Christ on 9/11 in the year 3 B.C.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser is: “a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. He is the Academic Editor of Logos Bible Software.”

Some points made are that there is, evidently, an alignment with Jewish tradition, the Jewish calendar (Rosh Hashanah:  (Tishri 1)), the astronomical record of Revelation 12, and other data.

What I found compelling is that the astronomical imagery had only an 80 minute window in which to occur.

“… And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.” Revelation 12 1-2  (KJV)

“…  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.  Genesis 1:14-15 (KJV)

In the Sea of Uncertainty

So here I find myself,
bobbing gently in the Sea of Uncertainty.

Strangely tranquil and composed.
Thinking about all the different elements
of my circumstances,
the broad spectrum of possible outcomes.

A myriad of ways in which things might turn out badly, or worse…
How would I possibly handle that?

Yet again, I am somehow, strangely tranquil,
here in the Sea of Uncertainty,
my concerns clinging close
like the wet clothes of a ‘man overboard’,
acutely aware of my present circumstances,
aware of possible peril,
but curiously void of any feelings of panic.

For until the Lord Himself
removes from me the buoyancy that is life,
at whatever time and in whatever manner He may choose,

I will yet praise Him.

Psalms, hymns, and songs of praise
become spiritual sea shanties here
in the Sea of Uncertainty.

They are born of the Spirit and are living words,
keeping my heart and thoughts keenly focused on Him.
Declaring my faith and His truths,
submitting my uncertainty to His steadfastness.

Through the privilege of sacrificial praise
I can access the God of the Universe
to dissipate the dark clouds,
to gather up the lightning,
to keep the waters calm,
to light the way.

In Him, I can enjoy shelter in the storm,
without needing to be in port.

I can be like a buoy
rocking to and fro on the surface of circumstance,
yet all the while firmly anchored and secure.

My voice becomes like the buoy bell,
the more I get rocked as things get rough,
the more I sing out my shanties of praise.

I cannot see the horizon from here.
but You can, LORD.

In the grand scheme of things, isn’t that all that really matters?

©  2012  Beth A. Viera

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Thoughts from the Sanctuary…

Deep calls to deep in this place;
where we, of elemental water,
meet and mingle with You,
the Living Water.

Keep us ever mindful, LORD,
of Your perfect Will,
of Your boundless Love,
of Your unmatched Power,
of Your unmerited Favor.

You and You alone are Holy.
You and You alone are Sovereign.
You are THE Name Above ALL Names.

Golitha Falls and Woods


Keep us in the strong current of Your will, Father.
Do not tolerate our lingering in the eddies 
which form among the distractions
at the edges of Your plans.

Send us out, Lord of the Harvest:
Fueled by Your Spirit,
Equipped with Your Word,
Driven by Your deepest Love
for us and for the whole world.

© 2012 Beth A. Viera

Water Flowing Over Rocks w Branches


Little Lamb Lost

Little lamb, speak,
do you know where you are?
Though completeness you seek,
from Me you’ve wandered so far.

You’re feeling quite empty
it is sure, and a fact;
but the world cannot change this
for it’s Me that you lack.

“What will this cost me?”
you hear yourself say.
All your heart, soul and mind,
and this can be your day…

The glorious day that you turn from your sin,
take up My cause, My flock enter in.
You’ll never regret it, I promise you this,
your old ways of being, for sure you won’t miss.

I’ll guide you and guard you and show you My Way,
let Me be the potter and you be My clay.
Come walk with Me while you dwell on the earth.
Connect to My heart and receive a new birth.

Little lamb lost,
turn around, hear My voice.
I am your Redeemer
but yours is the choice.

Late grows the hour
and short grows the day.
I am TRUTH, I am LIFE,
and I am THE WAY.

Please don’t make the mistake of waiting ‘too late’,
there is coming a time when I must shut the gate.
You can continue in searching, but know this, you won’t find
a love that is greater or more awesome than Mine.

© Beth Viera ~  August 2012


photo credit: Jenny Rollo

In the Sea of Grief

In the Sea of Grief

His Deep calls to your deep,

like the gentle pressure of the easy swells of the sea;

the Spirit of your Maker, rocking in unison with your own spirit.

The Comforter, in times such as these

making personal intercession with groanings

that communicate where human utterance is wholly inadequate.

If you are God’s own, the Comforter dwells within you.

Grief may rise up in you for a time, but it cannot fully overcome you.

Sorrow may press down on you for a season, but it cannot fully overwhelm you.

God’s promises are sure and they are true.

Standing firm for thousands of years,

they are eclipsed by nothing and no one.

Draw near to your Redeemer

and He will surely draw near to you.

Call upon His name and be saved in your distress.

Your sea is His to command:

“Peace be still”.

© Beth Viera ~ August 2012


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speaking from darkness vs. speaking from light
A very encouraging video.

Walter Bright

I love the way Herbert plays the words in this video. Friends, until we can get heaven’s perspective on life and why we are here, our lives will resemble that of a person described in the first part of the video.
You are not a lost cause and yes, you are different and can change the world!

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Mickey Robinson’s Testimony ~ Back from Death after Plane Crash

When it comes to hearing about experiences occurring at or near death, my skeptical nature kicks into high gear.  I can only think of about three that really give me pause.   It’s not really possible to know for a certainty.

I intended to post something quite different today, but the site I was linking to was down for maintenance.  While enjoying some music on YouTube, Mickey Robinson’s testimony popped up about 5-6 times, so I decided to post it.

One reason this testimony is interesting to me, is the fact that it can be seen that Mickey was truly in a catastrophic accident,  His face, eye, ear and hand don’t lie.

Also, his very lucid recollection of the experience stands out.  He says that, “the thing which struck him the most, was the complete absence of the awareness of time“.  That everything in this physical/natural plane, is relative to time, but everything in the spiritual plane is relative to eternity, and how shocking it was to experience that.

Of course in this life, we won’t know for sure, so it’s up to you to make your own decision.  🙂

Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem through the “Ancient Hebraic Mind”


So many of us continually  “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”, so I thought I’d share this article I found.  It brought a fuller dimension to a familiar phrase.

 Ancient Hebrew Research Center

 Biblical Hebrew E-Magazine

 March, 2006                                  Issue #025

 Question of the Month – Learning  Hebrew?

By: Jeff A. Benner

“Q: Will I better understand the Bible by learning Hebrew?

A: There is no argument that reading any work in its original language will provide a better understanding of that text. For instance, to really understand the works of Martin Luther it is best to read it in German and the works of Plato in Greek. This also applies to the Hebrew of the Tenach/Old Testament. Just as one example the phrase “sha’alu shalom yerushalam” is translated as “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” but much of the Hebraicness of the verse is missing. The word sha’alu is the verb sha’al meaning to ask or make a request and the suffix “u” identifies the subject of the verb as plural. The word shalom more specifically means completeness or to be in health and prosperity. The name Yerushalem is a combination of the word Yeru meaning teach. Shalem which is identical to shalom meaning completeness. The full Hebraic understanding of this verse is “All of you make a request that the ones who teach shalom/completeness will be given health and prosperity.”

It should also be understand that learning Hebrew will not always bring out the original intended meaning of a word or phrase. The problem is that we think from a western perspective and this is also true for those who speak Hebrew today. For instance the word tsadiyq is usually understood as “righteous” as identified in all modern lexicons and dictionaries of the Biblical Hebrew language. While we are comfortable using abstracts in our modern western minds, the Ancient Hebrews always understood things through the concrete. The word original concrete meaning of tsadiyq  “to remain on the correct path”.

In summary, learning Hebrew will enhance ones understanding of the Biblical text but the Hebrew must be learned through ancient Hebraic mind and not the modern Hebrew mind.”  (emphasis, mine)