Boots on the Ground




There’s a tension in the air,

but unbeliever’s cannot tell,

that  what’s coming can’t compare

to movie scenes of Hell.


They need to know your Savior,

before it is too late.

They need repentant behavior,

they don’t understand their fate.


We need boots on the ground,

we’re at  war, that’s a fact.

While they indulge their carnal man

the demons plan attacks.


That Satan, he draws down on them

and takes them one by one.

They often never see it coming,

’till all the damage has been done.


We need boots on the ground,

as darkness closes in,

it  strikes hard, without a sound,

through ignorance and love of sin.


Those of the world, they fail to see

they’re in the line of fire.

There’s no such thing as purgatory,

theirs souls Satan will acquire.


May God place on us a burden,

such that we can feel the weight

of His desire for every soul,

through Jesus, triumph over hate.


No matter if you’re short or tall,

I hope you realize:

There is a Holy Army,

and “God’s got boots your size”.



© 2014 Beth Viera

Combat Boots

photo ©

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