Little Lamb Lost

Little lamb, speak,
do you know where you are?
Though completeness you seek,
from Me you’ve wandered so far.

You’re feeling quite empty
it is sure, and a fact;
but the world cannot change this
for it’s Me that you lack.

“What will this cost me?”
you hear yourself say.
All your heart, soul and mind,
and this can be your day…

The glorious day that you turn from your sin,
take up My cause, My flock enter in.
You’ll never regret it, I promise you this,
your old ways of being, for sure you won’t miss.

I’ll guide you and guard you and show you My Way,
let Me be the potter and you be My clay.
Come walk with Me while you dwell on the earth.
Connect to My heart and receive a new birth.

Little lamb lost,
turn around, hear My voice.
I am your Redeemer
but yours is the choice.

Late grows the hour
and short grows the day.
I am TRUTH, I am LIFE,
and I am THE WAY.

Please don’t make the mistake of waiting ‘too late’,
there is coming a time when I must shut the gate.
You can continue in searching, but know this, you won’t find
a love that is greater or more awesome than Mine.

© Beth Viera ~  August 2012


photo credit: Jenny Rollo

6 thoughts on “Little Lamb Lost

  1. This is a very beautiful, very moving poem! I enjoyed it and it certainly fits very well to my current situation! Thank you for sharing the link!

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