The Grief Hospital


Grief is a place with two  doors.
It is like a hospital for your soul.
A place to go in order to heal.


There is an IN door.
There is an OUT door.


It is never meant that you remain in
this acute stage for the rest of your life.

Anyone who is worth grieving for
would never, EVER, want you
to remain in the Grief Hospital
for the rest of your life.

They would appreciate being sorely missed.
Surely, they would love being remembered.


But after a respectable and adequate period of time,
don’t you believe that they would want you to
eventually leave the Grief Hospital?


To again bring fresh air deep into your lungs?
To feel the sun’s warmth on your upturned face?


To feel Grief’s tight bindings finally
loosen and, like a shroud, slip off and fall away?


To allow a smile to at least play
at the corners of your mouth again?


To indulge the cherished, happier memories
of life shared with your loved one?


Grief is a season of life.
It is not meant to be a way of life.


If you have a pulse,
you have a purpose…

Perhaps your purpose has become a bit neglected.
Perhaps you have a new purpose now.

So, if you think it might be time
to exchange Grief for grief,
give yourself permission
to check out of the Grief Hospital.
You can always return for a day of two if necessary.


Life is a gift to be cherished…

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