Thoughts from the Sanctuary…

Deep calls to deep in this place;
where we, of elemental water,
meet and mingle with You,
the Living Water.

Keep us ever mindful, LORD,
of Your perfect Will,
of Your boundless Love,
of Your unmatched Power,
of Your unmerited Favor.

You and You alone are Holy.
You and You alone are Sovereign.
You are THE Name Above ALL Names.

Golitha Falls and Woods


Keep us in the strong current of Your will, Father.
Do not tolerate our lingering in the eddies 
which form among the distractions
at the edges of Your plans.

Send us out, Lord of the Harvest:
Fueled by Your Spirit,
Equipped with Your Word,
Driven by Your deepest Love
for us and for the whole world.

© 2012 Beth A. Viera

Water Flowing Over Rocks w Branches


23 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Sanctuary…

  1. wonderful creation… how ideal its to surrender ourselves to His plans & how perfect it is to devote one’s talents for His glory…. definitely He will appreciate ur good work… God Bless!!

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