A ‘Slice’ of Life…

I found this video interesting.  Bartholomäus Traubeck found a way to translate, into music, the rings and spaces of thin slices of tree trunks.  Such a clever and creative idea.

Funny, how it sounds a  little more dramatic at times, and then quieter.  Seasons of plenty following seasons of drought. Periods of being storm-tossed alternate with times of quiet satisfaction.

What we are hearing, in a way,  is how the tree reacted to the various environmental conditions it found itself in over the course of its lifetime.

So now I’m wondering: What will my ‘song’ sound like one day?

How will I have weathered the storms and trials of my life?

Will my ‘song‘ reflect an understanding of God’s precepts; a faithful and discerning application of His Word, regardless of circumstances?

Note how the areas of injury to the tree impact its ‘music’.

A ‘Slice’ of Life – aka “YEARS”

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

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